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Casing and cementing accessories.

A-Plus Casing & Cementing accessories are made under state of art Engineering Techniques. They are developed with high quality system to meet all API specification. These accessories are designed to match all wells conditions and keep the casing/liner in the center of the wellbore to help ensure efficient placement of a cement sheath around the casing string. If casing strings are cemented off-center, there is a high risk that a channel of drilling fluid or contaminated cement will be left where the casing contacts the formation, creating an imperfect seal. Furthermore we are specialists in equipping distinguish floating techniques to achieve the highest accuracy in casing running and cement placement in vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells.

Centralizers & other accessories

Slip on welded spring bow Centralizer
Hinged Welded spring bow Centralizer
Hinged Non Welded spring bow Centralizer
Slip on welded spring bow Centralizer
Single Piece Centralizer
Drill Pipe Centralizer
Non-welded positive bow centralizer
Hinged welded bow centralizer
Slip on welded positive bow centralizer
Solid group Centralizers
Stop Collars
Scratcher & wellbore wiper

Cementing accessories

Float shoe
Reamer shoe
Stab in adapter /stinger
Cross coupling cable protector
Top & Bottom Plugs
Cement Basket
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